Product Development.
Our production facilities and procedures are constantly evolving and are kept up to date with the latest manufacturing equipment and the most recent patented technologies. The continued investment allows us to maintain our high level of skill and vast understanding of production, which ensures that our services give you the most efficient processing, at the highest quality, in shorter lead times and at the correct price.
  • Sampling
    Our sampling process allows us to produce items that exactly to meet your requirements. We consider how the product will be used and function in order to produce a sample that you will be proud of. Any design improvements or value engineered recommendations that we suggest will be clearly communicated through as well as the production methods used, which ensures for a smooth and efficient product development process. Our production samples are presented at either a convenient location for you, or at our sample showroom which is an environment that allows for accurate evaluation and testing - guaranteeing that your equipment performs and functions as you truly envisioned.
  • Prototyping
    Making products for the first time is a very exciting moment and is also the most important. Our dedicated prototyping department has all of the skills and experience required in all materials and production techniques. This allows us to develop your prototype into a fully functional product within the minimum possible timeframe. Throughout the development process we analyze how best to optimize the quality and functions that are needed from the product, and also recommend clever solutions for the design to maximize its potential and production techniques for efficient manufacturing.
  • 3D Printing
    3D Printing is becoming ever more popular and the technologies involved are developing extremely fast. We have our own in-house 3D printing capabilities to quickly mock up intricate components without the need for expensive tooling costs. As a producer of 3D printing machines we also offer the support of our industry leading 3D Printer partner whom offers the latest technologies and solutions in this field.
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