Bringing Everything Together.
We understand the importance of a seamless and professional installation and always expect to exceed our customers’ expectations! It is the final stage in bringing your dreams into reality and one that we are most proud of. Our dedicated and passionate teams receive training on each specific project and are all certified professionals in their fields. We have the right team for whatever is needed.
  • Assembly
    Items can be pre-assembled in our facilities or delivered for on-site assembly by either yourself or by our dedicated assembly teams.
  • Packaging
    How items are packaged is just as important to us as the item itself. We ensure that the correct packaging solutions are used in order to take the greatest care of your products. We can also follow any specific packaging requirements that you may have including particular layouts and additional paraphernalia such as assembly tools, fixings and instructions etc.
  • Installation
    A successful installation program not only requires a skilled team but also the highest level of communication and planning. Our proven teams have a vast amount of successful experiences including with some of the most demanding of schedules. We can mange projects all across China and Asia and also have installation partners globally for international projects.

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