Streamlined Project Planning
Project Management
At EziDone we understand that every Project is different and deservers special attention and diligent planning. Our experienced Management teams are there to understand your needs and to help you achieve the best solution that meets your requirements.

Our impressive production facilities are supported by the vast network of established partners that we have worked hard to build up over many years, in a wide range of industries. Using the knowledge and experience gained from constantly delivering successful results we evaluate every new project that we receive and take into consideration; timescale, budget, quality and quantity in order to create a tailored project solution that works specifically for you.
Our Unique Structure.
We currently have 5 dedicated management teams operating within the business. Each one of these teams has its own internal support structure to offer you direct and personal communication. Your dedicated project manager leads a team of support managers, engineers and administrators who handle every aspect of your program.

The added benefit to this is that your Dedicated Support Team has direct access to additional group resources. These include surveying, design, engineering, production management, quality control, logistics coordination, procurement, warehousing, and installations if your project requires. Furthermore, there is a potential wider co-operation between our subsidiary companies to deliver the best solution to you.

Team structure
Logistical support
Quality Control
Assembly & Installation
  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Team 3
  • Team 4
  • Team 5
Division of the project
  • Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Account Managers
  • Engineers
  • Administrators
  • QC Manager
  • Budget Control Manager
Your project
Our Key Benifits
Using The EziDone Group to Mange your projects whatever the scale ensures that you receive:
How We Work.
You will be specifically assigned a designated team as soon as we receive your enquiry. The team chosen will be based on factors that include; what the particular industry is, what service you require and what key skills and knowledge you need in order for us to give you the best possible support. Your project will be analyzed in order to develop the best working strategy needed to reach a successful completion.

Our key areas include;

More case
4S Stores
Fixture Development
Production and Installation
Phone Store
Technical Development and Production
Fashion store
Store Design,
Production and Decoration
Chain hotel
Hotel lobby, guest rooms, staff dormitory furniture, etc
Office furniture
Office furniture manufacturing, office space design and decoration
Appliance store
Brand professional product exhibition shelf, shop LOGO production
Beauty flagship store
Product exhibition shelf, shop decoration display facilities production
Large business super
Large supermarket shelves, shopping baskets, shopping carts, overall display shelf production
Children's clothing store
Exhibition rack, coat and hat rack, shop decoration
Shoe and clothing store
Shop cashier desk, display rack, garment and hat rack production
Luxury flagship store
Display rack, counter, LOGO and other production
The fast food giant's flagship store
Cashier desk, dining table and chair, lighting, etc
Flagship sports brand stores
Shop exhibition rack, clothes and shoes rack, cashier desk, etc
Large cosmetics brand chain
Pop exhibition shelf, shelves, cashier desk, shop decoration, etc
Flagship entertainment brand stores
Brand facilities and equipment manufacturing
Flagship store of daily cosmetics brand
Shelf, display rack, cashier desk, etc
Kitchenware store
Kitchen and bathroom furniture, shop decoration, exhibition rack
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