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Some of the latest projects that we are extremely proud of.
4S Stores
Fixture Development
Production and Installation
Phone Store
Technical Development and Production
Fashion store
Store Design,
Production and Decoration
Chain hotel
Hotel lobby, guest rooms, staff dormitory furniture, etc
Office furniture
Office furniture manufacturing, office space design and decoration
Appliance store
Brand professional product exhibition shelf, shop LOGO production
Beauty flagship store
Product exhibition shelf, shop decoration display facilities production
Large business super
Large supermarket shelves, shopping baskets, shopping carts, overall display shelf production
Children's clothing store
Exhibition rack, coat and hat rack, shop decoration
Shoe and clothing store
Shop cashier desk, display rack, garment and hat rack production
Making Projects Happen.
  • Established in 2007 The EziDone Group has been constantly working hard to provide the highest level of customer service and quality for our customers. We understand that no two projects are that same and each needs the attention and care it deserves. The experience gained throughout our long history in delivering projects across a very wide range of industries has ultimately made us whom we are today. We continue to grow this knowledge and our passionate service support teams and state of the art in-house production facilities are here to deliver your bespoke projects at whatever the stage or scale.
Services We Provide
Areas of Expertise
Our expert services cover a wide range of industries that include;
Our Group
  • Service
    Our unique company structure consists of individual teams that provide you with the focused service that you need. Each team is supported by our experts including over 30 concept designers and technical engineers that can take and develop any project into reality. As well as procurement and logistics support.
  • Production Facilities
    Our on-site manufacturing plant currently consists of five state of the art workshops totaling an area of over 40,000m2 and are on hand to create items using Wood, Metal, Plastic, electrical components and more
  • Support Network
    The EziDone Group has over 10 subsidiaries under its wing covering the needs of a vast array of industries. These include Design, Retail Fixtures, Window Displays, Engineering, Office furniture, Hotel Furniture, Children’s Furniture, Medical Equipment and Construction and Installation. EziDone
m2 Production Facility
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