Children's clothing store
This is a very representative children's wear brand project, Barabara was founded in 2002, is the leading children's fashion lifestyle brand in China.The brand advocates the concept of "different childhood", so that children can enjoy a different childhood.Balabara pays attention to consumers' shopping experience. Through one-stop products, space, emotional experience, etc. In March 2007, Balabara won the title of "Top ten Brands of Children's wear in China".In 2011, it was recognized as "China's well-known Trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.2014 China Children's Wear Industry Media Influence Award "China Children's Wear Best Marketing Brand Award;Won the 9th "Color China" Annual Award in 2018;In December 2019, barabara was ranked second in the iMedia Ranking's TOP10 new consumer brands of children's clothing 2019.In recent years, Bala Bala in the domestic children's wear market share and the first place.In January 2020, Isdan undertook the Balabara Wuxi Huishan Wanda store, from the cashier desk, garment and hat stand, multi-functional display stand, to the overall decoration project of the store, which fits the brand's service concept and product positioning

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